You are about to decide, what you are going to do for the next 28 Crore seconds of your life. Half of our life goes into something called “Career”. Want to know more about it? Let’s dive in!

Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi had started his movement, while he was an advocate in South Africa and built a giant influence on this world called “Non-violence”. Dr. Ambedkar changed our everyday lives with his gift of “Constitution of India”. Lakhs of Doctors are on fight with Corona to avert the next death.  Crores of Farmers are working under hot Sun to serve Basmati on our plate.   All these are Careers and that’s what they did in their life. And few of which turned out to be for a social cause more than being just a job. What are you going to do? And what is going to be your Career?

Aspects of Career:


The amount of salary (if you are going to be an employee) and turnover (if you are a businessman) will provide the basic needs of your life such as - Good food, New Home, Car - Happy Family. Whatever you do, you will survive anyway. But will you get “what you want”?

To achieve your dream life, suitable career is the only way. It’s your career that’s going to fill your bank account. So, it is inevitable!

2.Social Responsibility:

We can take today’s example. India had set up her first IIT in 1951 and from there, extended our quality educational infrastructure to thousands of institutes. This wave has expanded and helped the development of the workforce for India to be one of the biggest IT sectors in the world.

We have clashed with China in border issues now. But we definitely know that we have to get our Lithium-ion batteries from them. This is one of the major reasons India is not pushing forward Electric Vehicle mobility, as it would increase the dependency on China’s Battery Tech. If there comes any trade war, Indian e-mobility would get affected. So, until and unless we have our own indigenous Battery Technology, the Indian government cannot push towards e-mobility above a certain level. Here, India is waiting for its citizen like you to start the Indigenous Battery Revolution to change India’s transportation technology similar to that happened in the IT sector.

India’s Medical Infrastructure is conducting multiple researches on Vaccination for COVID-19. Many people in their research career are going to achieve a leap in India’s fight against Corona.  Even your future career can save lives.Society sets up the institutes and schools and someday, it expects a return from us. Let our careers satisfy our society’s needs.

Social service is not just your extra donations to poor, it can be your career. Every sincere career is a social service. Look around you, Society has created this place for you and what are you going to do in return? Lakhs of IT sector's - software engineers work day and night and their efforts drive millions of foreign projects that contribute to our GDP.

We hope you might have understood the importance of your career and the roles it plays in this society. Next is about you !!

On normal things like favourite food, favourite place and favourite bikes and products you buy or obsessed with, you put a lot of effort and research on your personal choices. Then imagine how clearly and deeply should you research for choosing your career. It’s your life. What’s inside you, is going to decide your career?

3.Inner Self:

Gandhi’s Non-violence - Elon Musk’s technology- Nas Daily’s travel. It’s all great but should you do it? Can you do it? No (Definitely You can do it, but it is a different “No” ! ).

Gandhi loved his social movement of Non-violence, Elon Musk loved to build the technology that he wanted and its the same with Nas. So its, what do you love to do?

It depends on what have you seen in your life and what excites you!!

Your experience accumulated from Childhood, to this second defines “who you are”. Your views on your life and society totally depends on it. If you feel society is in a good situation, you would think of further development and technological advancements. If you feel society is in a  bad situation , you would think of methods to solve it. It’s your own self that knows what you should do. All of us have something called ‘inner self’ that has revealed our passion to us and for some it hasn’t. But we are sure that your inner self knows it.

How to speak to your inner self?

This is where Influencers and Experts come into place. Once a teenage boy had a chance to meet the former American president John F Kennedy, he had also watched Martin Luther King Jr. Speech on TV, he was influenced by them and started to work to become a leader. That small boy is the Former US President Bill Clinton. When you meet  experts directly or indirectly, related to your interests, your inner self would spark a career hint in your brain. It happens involuntarily or you can feed your inner self with various influencers voluntarily.  Always be in search of your career and try to speak up with experienced people about their career. Wait for the signal !

May be you could have already found your dream career and thinking of how to reach it. May be you could have it inside and don’t know to make it clear yourself. May be you have just started thinking about it. Have the answer to this question updated “ What would you love to do for the next 50+ years of your life daily?”

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