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About PickMyCareer

PickMyCareer is an initiative by LMES, the top-grossing education-based YouTube channel in Tamil. Every person has to meet a point in their life to decide on ‘what am I going to be in the future?’ As per a survey conducted in 2019 among 10k students, over 93% of students are aware of only seven career options in India. Though we are in an era of the most versatile field of education opportunities available for students with different abilities. There is a gap between career option awareness and huge dilemmas among students. And this is when you need career guidance to understand your abilities, to choose the right career that would help you serve best.

PickMyCareer is a career guidance platform created as a one-stop destination for students to understand, evaluate, and get informed about their personality, and ability to mend their field of expertise. School students of class 9 to 12, college students and even graduates are recommended to explore this website, to determine their field of study and to showcase who they are going to be in this society. Every person in this world has the interest, skillset, and passion towards a particular field or two and we are here to help them transform those ideas and passion into their profession.

What to expect in PickMyCareer?

  • What career opportunities do students have?
  • Where to study?
  • What skills to develop?
  • What is going to be your profession?
  • What to do next?

How we provide this?

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The comprehensive career book consists of 500+ of career options, 400+of courses, 100+ entrance exams and best colleges available across different fields, skills you need to focus on, and multiple paths you can take to pursue your dream, best fit careers are provided from our career guidance experts.


Our AI-based assessment tool has been meticulously designed by a panel of psychologists, academic counselors and experienced psychiatrists. This assessment discovers the orientation style, interest in various fields, inbuilt personality and basic skills on the aptitude of each student, to map it with the courses and career options that would be the best fit for helping you to choose the perfect field and career.


The precise 20+ pages of personalised career report will shift you to your future world and guide you with facts about 200+ career options that perfectly fit your skills, style, and interest, that you’ll enjoy and excel at.


A one-on-one interaction with an experienced career counselor works the very best way to explore more about career options based on the student’s interest, passion. By opting for this program, each student will have 3 online sessions with his/her dedicated counselor where the student can be free to express Themselves, clarify his/her doubts and also the counselor provides information more in relation to the interest and career options based on the assessment of the student.