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Why PickMyCareer ?

Career guidance is important because it helps open up the eyes of students to careers that you may not have considered. We wish career education and guidance is available and understood by students, parents and employers.

PickMyCareer helps inspire students towards further study and enables you to make informed decisions as choices are open to them and also helps you to understand enough about the world of work to know what skills you need to succeed.

We believe, every student will have different career guidance needs at different stages. Opportunities for advice and support need to be tailored to the needs of the student. Hence, PickMyCareer is embedded with the needs of students and the diverse rich range of careers/courses, skills, and the right qualifications needed and the different paths/routes you could take to pursue your dream career throughout with a clear idea.

This knowledge may already be available to a few students from families of graduates and professionals, but if most of your family are unemployed or in low-skilled jobs, how would you know? Many young people have internalized ideas about what ‘people like me’ might do and where you might fit into the education system and the labour market.

The methodology of our report is more with professional judgments based on testing your orientation, interests, personality, and aptitude.

We have discussed with a number of career specialists, recruiters, management professionals from different fields about the elements of career guidance and worked on this platform to enrich the lives of students.