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How can I have access to career library, assessment, reports and counselling sessions?

We have different packages to access our content according to your requirements. All the available packages are present on the home page. You can choose the package of your choice and pay them to gain access.
Welcome to experience the wide range of career options, and the ones that perfectly suits you.

How will PickMyCareer (website) help school students?

Our career counselling/ PickMyCareer (website) benefits the school students to choose the right stream after their 10th grade based on their personality and aptitude. Through this, they can preplan their path to pursue their dream job at a very early stage of life.

How will PickMyCareer (website) help the student after 12th grade?

Students who are about to enter into college are benefitted by our comprehensive top college lists, the entrance examinations, and 4-factor assessment of each individual providing them with their perfect matches of careers based on interest, personality, etc.

Will PickMyCareer (website) help graduates?

Yes, of course, if you are someone graduated and still trying out ways to pursue your passion for a dream carrier. We have provided with N number of paths you can choose to get into your dream career.

How can I get my refund if my transaction fails?

Please relax. You will get your refund within 4-5 working days. Kindly verify our cancellation and refund policy.

Can I cancel my purchase?

Sorry, the purchases made on our website cannot be swapped or cancelled, which means its all non-refundable. Kindly check our Terms & Conditions page.